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I'd like to make a change to my orderUpdated 2 years ago

Not a problem! So long as your order has not already shipped, we're happy to make any changes to your order that you'd like.

If you prefer to make the changes yourself, the easiest way to do this is by simply cancelling your existing order and placing a new one. We offer an easy way to cancel your order yourself, so long as the order has not yet been shipped.

If you'd prefer to keep your order and have us making the requested changes, we'd ask that you give us a call at 866-858-1294 or start a chat with our team. Please have your order number handy for us to be able to locate your order quickly.

If your order hasn't shipped but you're contacting us outside of our normal business hours, please rest assured that we'll see your request before we fulfill your order. So long as you provide us with your order number, we'll be able to place the order on hold and prevent it from shipping until we're able to make the changes that you'd like.

Lastly, if your order has already shipped, unfortunately we will not be able to make any changes to your order. Exchanges are free and easy, however, and we're happy to exchange your purchase with another item if you'd like! To book an exchange, click here.

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