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My shipment shows that it was delivered, but I didn't receive itUpdated 2 years ago

If your order was confirmed delivered to your address but you did not receive the order, please be sure to check areas commonly used by postal carriers to stow packages when the package recipient is not at home: your front stoop/porch, front garden/bushes, under patio furniture, or around the side of your house. For apartments, please be sure to check with your front office or management to ensure that the carrier did not deliver the order to the front office in your absence.

Despite not being protocol, some carriers may also "pre-mark" packages as being delivered by scanning them as "delivered" before they are actually physically delivered to the shipping address. In such cases, the package is usually physically delivered within 24 hours of being marked delivered.

If your package is not delivered within 24 hours of the carrier indicating that the package was delivered, we will be happy to assist you with making sure you receive your order.

If you have any questions, or if your package is delivered in the meantime, please let us know. We appreciate your business!

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