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Do you have a price match guarantee?Updated 2 years ago

Yes. If you find the product you wish to purchase elsewhere at a lower price, we're happy to match that price in most circumstances. You must be able to provide a link to the product on the other website, and that website must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The specific size, color, width, or any other product variation that you wish to purchase from us must also be available on the other store. For example, if you wish to purchase a size 11 wide from us, the other website must also have a size 11 wide.
  • The item you wish to purchase must be able to be shipped to you from the other store.
  • The other store must be an authorized retailer. Many websites offer imitations or knockoffs of popular products at low prices while advertising that such products are genuine. We only price match other official authorized retailers.
  • We do not match promotional offers from other stores. This includes both "$ off" or "% off" promotions in the forms of both price slashes or during-checkout offers.
  • Sales tax is not included when matching prices. We are required to collect sales tax in certain jurisdictions.
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