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Checkout & Billing FAQs

FAQs about checkout, order payment, and billing.

How do I earn and redeem rewards points?

Our Rewards Program is free to join and automatic once you've registered. To begin, simply look for the blue "Rewards" symbol in the bottom-left of the screen while on our website. Click this button and you'll be directed to sign up or log in. If you

Do you have a price match guarantee?

Yes. If you find the product you wish to purchase elsewhere at a lower price, we're happy to match that price in most circumstances. You must be able to provide a link to the product on the other website, and that website must meet all of the followi

Can I bill my purchase to my insurance company or Medicare?

At this time, we do not offer the ability to bill insurance providers for your purchase. If you have a payment card as part of an FSA, HSA, or other such insurance plan, you may be able to make your purchase using this payment card. However, whether

Can I hide the prices on my purchase receipt?

Our order confirmation emails/text messages always contain pricing information and serve as your primary purchase receipt. However, these emails are only ever sent to the billing email address or phone number entered during checkout. The packing slip

My bank shows that I was charged twice for my order

What you are seeing is likely an "authorization" for the purchase. An authorization is made during any credit card transaction to notify your card issuer/bank to reserve the funds in order to complete your purchase. The actual charge will replace the

I'm going to dispute a charge with my bank

If there is an issue with your order or delivery, we ask that you let us know first if possible. We try extremely hard to ensure that we have the best possible customer satisfaction, and we're always happy to address any issues that might have occurr

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment from all of the following: