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How do I earn and redeem rewards points?Updated 9 months ago

Our Rewards Program is free to join and automatic once you've registered. To begin, simply look for the blue "Rewards" or "★" symbol in the bottom-left of the screen while on our website. Click this button and you'll be directed to sign up or log in. If you have an existing account with us, simply sign in; otherwise, creating an account is easy and free.

To see what rewards you are eligible to receive, click the rewards button once signed in. You'll earn rewards points for creating your rewards program account, making a purchase, following us on social media, etc. Earnings are automatic, so long as your purchase uses the same email address/phone number as your rewards account, and so long as you follow the links provided to follow us on social media.

To redeem rewards, again start by going to the rewards button on our website. Then, once signed in, go to "Rewards" and select the reward that you'd like to redeem. The reward should be applied automatically, but in case you need to enter it manually you can always find the redemption code in the rewards app by clicking the rewards button.

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