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How to determine your foot archUpdated 2 years ago

For a video reference, check out our video guide here.

You'll need:

  • A shallow container large enough to step in.
  • A piece of cardboard, a concrete driveway/patio, or any other surface that will leave a clear wet footprint.


  1. Fill the container with just enough water to completely wet the bottom of your foot.
  2. Place the container next to the surface you will step on.
  3. While barefoot, place one foot in the water.
  4. Remove your foot from the water and place it onto the surface.
  5. Stand normally like this for several seconds.
  6. Remove your foot from the surface, while careful not to mess up your footprint (lift your foot straight up and quickly away from the surface, if possible).
  7. Examine the shape of the footprint left behind. Compare it to the chart below to determine your foot arch.

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