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The item I received doesn't look exactly like what is on the websiteUpdated 2 years ago

We do our absolute best to ensure that the information we have on our website is 100% truthful, accurate, and helpful in representing each and every product. We use a combination of manufacturer information and our own observations, and we use professionally-taken product photos wherever possible.

That said, there can be a few reasons that the product you received appears slightly different:

  • Product photos taken and used on our website present the product in good, bright lighting. If you are looking at the product in a different lighting situation, the product coloring may look different.
  • Your computer's color settings might represent the product in a different hue, brightness, or contrast compared to the actual product.
  • There have been minor changes to product design that we weren't informed about. Typically this is something like logo placement or stitching design, which is something that the manufacturer may not disclose to us when the changes are made.
  • The manufacturer is in the process of updating their product designs. We disclose this information on relevant products, but in some situations the manufacturer will update their product designs but not have the new designs available for all styles or sizes yet. Where we are able to show both sets of product designs in our product photos, we're not always able to guarantee one particular design during this transition.

If you believe that the product you received is notably different than what we show on our website, please let us know. We take the accuracy of our information seriously and welcome any opportunity to look into the question further.

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