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Returns FAQs

FAQs about what items can be returned, how to create your return, what to expect during the return process, and more.

What can be returned?

What can be returned?Wear-Test Guaranteed MerchandiseMany of the insoles we offer have a "Wear-Test Guarantee" that allows you to trim, use, and wear the insole for a certain period of time to see how it works for you. Insoles with this guarantee can

How do I return my purchase?

First, ensure that your item is eligible for return. In general, the following items may be returned:. Second, book your return using our online return portal: Please be aware of the following:. Ou

Is return shipping free?

Yes, when you choose to exchange your purchase for a different item, or when you choose to return your item for store credit. If your purchase simply didn't work out for you as well as you had hoped, we want to make changing to a better item a smooth

How long until my return is processed?

Please allow 7-10 days for us to receive and process your return after it’s been mailed. After we receive your return, we typically process the return within 48 hours. When you book your return using our online return portal, you'll automatically be

I bought the correct size insole, but it won't fit in my shoe

A common mistake that we see is one of two things:. Before returning your insole due to incorrect fit, check to ensure that you have the correct size insole to match your shoe (both shoe size and width), and if the insole is trim-to-fit, that you've

The item I received doesn't look exactly like what is on the website

We do our absolute best to ensure that the information we have on our website is 100% truthful, accurate, and helpful in representing each and every product. We use a combination of manufacturer information and our own observations, and we use profes

What happens if I send something back with my return that I didn't originally book?

If you already booked your return for one or more items from your order, and afterwards decide that you want to add additional items to your return, we'd request that you book a second return for the additional items, even if you ship both returns to

Can I have my refund applied to a different payment method?

For security and fraud-prevention reasons, no. We are only able to process a refund to the original payment method used to place your order. If you no longer have access to your original payment method or for any other reason do not want the refund a