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Why should I purchase from you?Updated 10 months ago

This is a good question, and one that we're always happy to answer.

  1. We are the longest-running authorized online retailer with a specialty in shoe insoles and foot care. We started back in 2007, and insoles and foot care have been our sole focus this whole time. We have a proven record of expertise and customer satisfaction that's resulted from a long history working with customers like you.
  2. We have the largest selection online. With more insoles to choose from, you can be sure that you'll find the best product to suit your individual needs. While one product out of 20 total may be the best possible option elsewhere, with 200+ products to choose from with us, we assure you that you'll get the best possible option for your needs.
  3. We're dedicated to customer support. We offer and encourage our customers to reach out to us via phone, chat, text, email, or social media, whichever works best for you! Compared to other retailers who make it hard to find a phone number or contact information, we always strive to go above and beyond to provide top-tier support.
  4. We provide individualized product recommendations. Unlike most other retailers, we don't think that it's enough to just offer products for purchase. Instead, we want to make sure you get the right product for your needs. As such, we offer product recommendations and encourage customer feedback on products to help you and others find the best possible option.
  5. We're committed to offering affordable, quality, over-the-counter options for foot support and pain relief. We believe that most people truly don't need a $400 custom orthotic to alleviate discomfort and provide support, and for those who don't we want to provide the best selection of over-the-counter products at affordable pricing.
  6. We ship quickly. Order before 12:00pm Eastern Monday-Friday and your order will be in the mail stream the very same day. After 12:00pm or on a weekend, and your order gets in the mail stream the very next business day.
  7. Returns are easy, and exchanges are free. We understand that sometimes, despite all the research we do, something may just simply not work for you the way you wanted. And that's fine! Swap your purchase for something else with our free exchanges, or return it for a refund quickly and easily.
  8. We are a 100% official and authorized retailer of every brand we carry. This means that we source our products directly from the brand (not a distributor or other 3rd party), and that we're 100% authorized by the brand to officially represent their products. No knockoffs or imitations to be found here.
  9. As an authroized retailer, we also honor all manufacturer warranties and guarantees. Many brands offer satisfaction guarantees on their products, and whereas other retailers may not take back a worn product, we're always happy to honor these guarantees.
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