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Product Selection FAQs

FAQs about products, sizing, usage, and other product information and details.

Can you recommend an insole or insert for me?

Not a problem! We're happy to make recommendations based on the specific use or need that you may have. If you'd like to narrow down the selection of insoles to only those items that meet your needs, try our Insole Selector. It's a great and quick wa

What size should I order?

For products that use shoe sizing as their size selection, select the size that best matches the size shoe that you wear. For example, if an insole has the options "Men's 8-9" and "Men's 10-11" as two options and you typically wear a men's size 10 sh

What are wear test guarantees?

A wear test guarantee is simply a guarantee that if you purchase and try a product and that product simply doesn't work for you, you're still able to return the item even after it's been worn or used. Wear test guarantees are great because they allow

How long will an insole last?

On average, an insole will last approximately 6 months with normal everyday use. There are a number of factors that go into estimating the lifespan of an insole. Heavy usage or high-impact activities will wear out an insole faster than normal. Conver

When should I replace my insoles?

Typically, with normal wear and tear, a pair of high-quality shoe insoles or orthotic arch supports should last six to nine months. For those who are on their feet a greater percentage of the time, insoles typically last around three to six months. H

My shoe size and foot size aren't the same. How do I choose the right size insole?

We typically see two situations like this:. In either situation, you should purchase the size insole that corresponds with your shoe size. In situation #1 above, if you have a medium-width foot but wear a wide-width shoe, you'd want to purchase a wid

When does a 3/4-length insole work better than a full-length insole?

For most people, a full-length insole is perfectly fine and even preferred. Full-length insoles are designed to replace your existing shoe insole and will provide unified comfort and support from heel to toe. However, in situations where you cannot r

The product I want is out of stock

We try very hard to ensure that we have sufficient stock of all products that we carry. However, sometimes due to sudden demand increases or due to supplier delays, we may have low stock or no stock of certain product selections on our website. If th

Can kids wear arch supports?

Generally, yes. Keep in mind that a child's foot is still developing, so you'll want to consult with your child's pediatrician or a podiatrist if you have any concerns about your child's use of an arch support. Children's arch supports are generally

One of my legs is shorter than the other. Can I still use insoles?

Leg length discrepancy is a common occurrence, but for most people the difference is too slightly to notice on a day-to-day basis. If you have a leg-length discrepancy that is more severe or which otherwise causes discomfort, insoles can still work f

I only need a single insole. Can I order just one?

Unfortunately, for any insole sold as a pair we are unable to split the pair to just ship a single insole.